Why you need sleep for a healthier you

Sleep is a critical determinant of performance as the body becomes lethargic and fatigued when deprived of adequate sleep. Even though you exercise regularly and eat a well-rounded diet, your physical and mental health will remain poor if you don’t get enough sleep. For an optimal psychological and physical performance, maintain a regular sleeping pattern for a minimum of seven hours every night. Here are some of the benefits of sleeping.


Improves Performance

When you get enough sleep, your body is well-rested, and you will be fresh and energetic to take on any task whenever you wake up. Sleep helps to sharpen your mental and physical abilities, and solving problems related to critical thinking or physically demanding tasks will be easier to perform.


Enhances your memory

Research shows that sleep can also boost the memory. When we sleep, our brain consolidates things we learned during the day into long-term memory and neurons also grow and form new connections.


Better Mood

According to the results of research conducted by Harvard, getting enough sleep can improve mood and general wellbeing while inadequate sleep can lead to stress, irritability, and cases of chronic insomnia may result in mood disorders such as anxiety.


Prevents Inflammation

Inflammation is associated with higher risks of developing diseases such as diabetes, stroke, heart diseases, arthritis and premature aging. Studies reveal that people who sleep for less than 6 hours per night have more inflammatory proteins in their bloodstream.


Makes weight loss easier

Have you been working out seriously to get rid of that stubborn extra pound on your body? Studies indicate that adequate and regular sleep can aid the weight loss process. In a study that was conducted for 16 years which involved over 70,000 women, the researchers discovered that women who slept for over seven hours per day weighed less than those who slept for six hours or less.


Sleep is not only for relaxation after a hard day’s work. It also has many benefits from memory improvement to the repair and building of muscles. While it is essential to eat good food and workout regularly, it is also essential to get enough sleep so that you can remain rejuvenated mentally and physically. 

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