about FitWell Expo


At FitWell Expo you will be able to compare local businesses and services from the Fitness, Health, Wellness and Beauty Industry as they will be conveniently located in one place during one day.  This will allow for an exciting and interactive one stop shop experience and therefore save you time, hassle and headache trying to find what works best for you.  The right vendor will get you inspired, educated and motivated to look and feel your best and help you get in the healthiest and fittest shape you have ever been. It's time to make your health and well-being your first priority! 


There will be live fitness demo classes lead by some of the area's most popular fitness instructors on the day of the expo to make this an interactive event that will make sure to engage our visitors and captivate their attention.


Don't miss out on being one step closer to a better and healthier you. Network with the finest and most influential consumers, trainers, instructors, gyms, studios, distributors and store owners in the area!

about the FitWell Expo team

Armed with talent, creativity and decades of sales and marketing experience as well as highly motivated, energetic and experienced, our staff will ensure that this Expo will shine and deliver!  The FitWell Expo team is excited to be working with you to showcase your amazing company and services to the jewel of Northern Virginia.